Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Shares A Fan Insulted Her


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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak began her modeling career with remarkable success, working with all of the major brands and breaking numerous limits. She eventually became interested in acting and was able to persuade the audience of her abilities. She also hosts shows and is one of Pakistan’s most popular Instagram influencers. Saheefa hasn’t been acting in dramas in a while since she wasn’t happy with the scripts, but she’s making a comeback with the Ramadan serial Rafta Rafta on Green TV.

Saheefa was a guest on Mazaq Raat and, as always, discussed the importance of mental health and seeking help if necessary. She also mentioned one of the most significant hurdles to receiving help: a high charge that most people cannot afford. She stated that many could not afford 3000 rupees every session, three days a week. So many folks are just unable to afford assistance. Others in positions of influence should create communities and safe spaces where those individuals may open up and feel better about their feelings.

Here’s what she shared:

She also described how a fan insulted her when she was out to dinner with her husband. Saheefa claimed that the lady approached them and abused her for 5 minutes about how women in the entertainment industry are disrespectful, but before she left, she took a photo with Saheefa.

Here’s what she disclosed.

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