Sahir Ali Bagga’s Official Statement After Calling Out Rahat Fateh Ali


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Sahir Ali Bagga is a skilled musician, vocalist, and composer who has produced several successful television hosts, cinema songs, and ISPR songs. He has been leading the Pakistani music business for many years. Sahir Ali Bagga is especially recognized for his lyrical voice and powerful high notes. His best-known songs are Baazi, Mast Malang, Ehd E Wafa, Bharosa Pyar Tera, and others. He made news a few days ago after openly criticizing Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and he eventually apologized.

The singer recently explained why she wrote against Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He stated that as a committed composer, he deserves credit for the writing of the popular song ‘Zaruri Tha’, which has been a big success on YouTube.

He wrote, “The aim of a Starmaker is more than just money. Sahir also a composer, and I am extremely glad that ALLAH has given me the capacity to work hard for my country’s talent, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is without a doubt Pakistan’s top talent. I have always attempted to make Pakistani talent known over the world, and Yousaf Salahuddin Sahab assisted me in this endeavor through Virsa Heritage, and many stars were born as a result.

I created a song, titled (ZAROORI THAA), this is the song that I did not know that I would create this song and it would become a historical song in the Pakistani music industry, today, this song is at the top in terms of the Pakistani music industry, and content, it’s very close to 2 billion views on YouTube in one play, and if my right is only to be given as a creator, which only the hero of this project Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can give; and for some reason, he is not

And if I’ve labeled someone a hypocrite, then I’ve called everyone a hypocrite who tries to hide the truth and attempt to take someone’s right away. ALLAH has gifted Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with wonderful talents; he should grant me my human rights. I have many additional pieces of proof with me and on YouTube where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan did not give me credit; nonetheless, I still beg that I be given credit because I do not want the juniors who idolize me to encounter difficulties in their battle, and I should be given my due. Apart from that, I have no intention of speaking negatively about anyone. “Thank you.”

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