Sanam Jung discusses how she experienced fat-shaming after giving birth.


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In a recent interview, a well-known actor and anchor Sanam Jung claimed that the Pakistani entertainment business does not place enough value on plus-size artists.

Speaking about her next drama series, Jung told the British broadcaster BBC that the expectations placed on women to lose weight in our culture and the entertainment industry are comparable to those in her character in the play.

The actor claims that because the Pakistani entertainment industry is still developing, plus-size women are not in high demand. According to Jung, everyone does not want to deal with them [plus-size women] since it will need more work on their part, including designers, stylists, and makeup artists.

She claimed that because being thin is the ideal of beauty in the entertainment industry, she never sees curvaceous performers in leading roles.

She claims that she experienced these things firsthand when she found it extremely challenging to buy clothes while pregnant and anchoring a morning show. She admitted that she once even made the decision to leave the entertainment business.

“After having Alayah, I put on a lot of weight but continued to work. As images from the show were posted on social media each day, I was appearing on TV, and many comments would appear calling me fat, a cow, and advising me to stop working “She revealed.

She claimed she had the notion, “This is my job—to be on TV,” but what about those who worked in offices and experienced the same thing? She claimed that the fat-shaming used to depress her and that she had discussed quitting her job with her husband and her employer.

I was ashamed of how I appeared, she admitted. I started picking out flaws when I looked in the mirror, she claimed. “My husband informed me, “You are not the first woman to give birth; it occurs, and bodies change with time,” in response to my unease. You too may get back in shape; just remember to take pride in your appearance “Jung enjoined.

Speaking about her next drama series, she explained that it differs significantly from other television dramas because it focuses on problems related to mental health, depression, and body acceptance.

For the past two months, much has been made of Jung’s part in the drama series “Piyari Mona.” The protagonist of the show is a plus-size lady who does not conform to society’s standards.

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