Saqib Sumeer Reveals Family Behaviour Changes Post-Stardom


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Saqib Sumeer is an extremely skilled artist who continues to astonish everyone with each new endeavor. This began following his outstanding performance in Raqeeb Se. Since then, Saqib has been in a number of major dramas, like Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, Chaudhary And Sons, Jeevan Nagar, Kabli Pulao, and Jhok Sarkar, to mention a few. He has garnered a lot of popularity, and fans enjoy seeing him appear on their screens as a new personality.

Stardom alters many aspects of one’s life, including the behavior of others. Saqib Sumeer highlighted to BBC Urdu how his family’s behavior has evolved over time as he has become a huge figure in the profession. He confessed that he lost his parents when he was three years old and has since lived with his supportive siblings.

He admitted that stardom had changed his life since numerous relatives he had never met had called him. They claim to be his cousins or related to him. From his extended family, Saqib Sumeer has received a lot of praise as a result of his celebrity.

He is grateful for all of the compliments and blessings, and this is what he said:

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