Sarah and Falak Unseen Pictures With Daughter From Baku & Dubai


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Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan are incredibly cute. She is respected for her superb acting abilities, while Falak is renowned for their superb singing abilities. The wedding took place in July 2020. Alyana Falak, their gorgeous but mischievous and hyperactive daughter, is a delight. Alyana Falak enjoys taking family vacations.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir, two gorgeous superstars, have recently visited Baku, Azerbaijan. Alyana Falak, their lovely daughter, is with them. Both have had a peaceful getaway in Baku. They were with their young child the majority of the time. Falak Shabir has made a video on his YouTube page, while Sarah has provided private photos from their travel with their kid. The little excursion was a hit with both of the famous people. Falak also posted a few images from a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Dubai. We have gathered unused images from their blog and Instagram

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