Shagufta Ijaz Tells Fans About Her Health Issues


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Brilliant Pakistani television actor Shagufta Ejaz has starred in a number of well-known serials, including Kashkol, Aanch, and others. Her most recent soap opera, Mere Damad, was a huge success. The audience praised her acting abilities. Shagufta Ejaz is a fantastic YouTuber, and her audience adores her work. She has a lovely family and adores her children. 52-year-old Shagufta Ijaz has four cute and lovely daughters. Shagufta Ijaz updates her followers on everything that happens in her everyday life.

Shagufta Ijaz recently disclosed information concerning her health. She said, “I am going to Agha Khan Hospital to get my MRI done because my daughter Anya was asking me to have a Pap smear test, she said to me, I had an ultrasound that revealed fibroids after being told by Dr. Zeb that there was “no need to worry,” but I am still going to get an MRI to find out exactly how huge the fibroids are right now. Mama, your Pap smear test is due; you’re 52 and at this point, you must have had this test four or five times.

Here is the link to video watch the complete Video:

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