Shahzad Nawaz On Popular Actors His Age


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Shahzad Nawaz is a multi-talented guy who has contributed significantly to the advancement of arts and culture in Pakistan. He is also an actor who enjoys playing a variety of roles, and his most recent portrayal as Asif Uncle in the drama Mein cemented his place in popular culture. People adored Asif Uncle more than the lead actor, Zaid alias Wahaj Ali, and Shahzad Nawaz is now Pakistani television’s most suave father.

When asked about the importance of characters, he stated that, while people here are constantly looking for main characters, you can get noticed in any position if you give it your all. He also stated that male actors his age do not enjoy playing fathers, yet his part as father in Mein catapulted him to stardom suddenly.

Here is what he said:

Answering Tabish Hashmi about Humayun Saeed, who is only a few years younger than him, and if he would ever portray a grown-up hero’s father on television. Shahzad stated that Humayun is a fantastic buddy, and that world-renowned heroes are over 40 years old, thus his characters are good, but he will most likely not take on such a role. Among his peers, he complimented Faysal Quraishi for playing parent roles if the character had flesh.

This is what he said:

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