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Shoaib Hashmi was a Pakistani actor, writer, and director who was best known for his work in television dramas. He was born on August 3, 1943, in Lahore, Pakistan, and had a successful career in the entertainment industry that spanned over five decades. Some of his notable works include the popular TV series “Fifty Fifty” and “Show Time,” as well as the critically acclaimed play “Safaid Khoon” (White Blood).

Shoaib Hashmi, a seasoned dramatist, actor, and educator, passed suddenly on Sunday.

The news of his father’s passing was confirmed by Adeel Hashmi. Long before his death, the deceased had been ill.

In 1990, Shoaib Hashmi also published a column in the exclusive newspaper Taal Matol. In 1995, the Pakistani government gave him the Good Performance and Medal of Distinction.

Salima Hashmi, the wife of Shoaib Hashmi, is a famous Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s child. Adeel and Mira Hashmi are their two children.

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