Shoaib Malik Gets Emotional While Revealing Personal Details


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Shoaib Malik is a household name in the world of cricket. He has served as team captain and is well-known for his calm demeanor and workout regimen. Shoaib Malik has always been in the spotlight, both professionally and personally. He has recently spoken openly about his family and how they suffered with and supported him during his journey.

He appeared on Fakhar e Aalam’s show and discussed how his sisters were instrumental in his achievement. His father wanted him to be a sportsman, but his sisters urged him to focus on his education. As a result, the father-son team snuck a lot for him to become a cricketer. He then attributed his achievement to his sisters. Shoaib explained that, while his sisters constantly urged him to study more, they also supported the house while they worked because they were not financially stable at the time. As he revealed this, he was overcome with emotion.

He also stated how much his father loved cricket. His father was very ill, and he was in Faisalabad for a Test match. That’s when he received a call from his sisters. When he got home, his father tried to grin and begged him to go back and play the match because he didn’t want his son to miss that Test, such was his love for his son and the sport. He later lost his father.

Shoaib was crying as he described the entire scenario:

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