Silk’s new message to those criticizing the statement on depression


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The well-known actress of Pakistani film and drama industry Resham recently faced the criticism of social media users by talking about the mental state of depression.

Reshamm is quite active on social media and often uploads cooking videos on her account, in these videos Reshamm can be seen preparing food with her own hands to distribute to the poor people.

Reshma seems fond of meeting and eating together, that’s why she keeps uploading pictures of invitations with personalities from the showbiz industry.

Recently Resham participated as a guest in the Ramadan transmission of the state TV.

Meanwhile, talking about the mental state, the actress said that there is no such thing as depression, it is the name of distance from Allah.

This statement of Resham became quite viral on social media pages, which was criticized by some internet users.

While criticizing, users said that depression is an obvious condition, it affects people a lot, it cannot be denied.

Later, Resham also shared a post on Insta related to the same statement, in which he said that ‘every human being has his own thoughts and for me the solution to every problem is in love and attachment to Allah, even if he wants to. Be it depression or any other problem, maybe some people didn’t understand what I said, deep things are not understood by everyone, I want to say to those who criticize, save your energy for something positive. May you all be happy.

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