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Iqra Kanwal is a very well-known YouTuber with 2.57 million subscribers, making her one of Pakistan’s most popular users. She and her sisters have run their YouTube channel for a long time. She began vlogging throughout the COVID-19 quarantine period, and she is a millionaire. Iqra is the oldest of her five sisters. She runs the Sistrology YouTube channel. Iqra enjoys singing in addition to being a doctor. Iqra Kanwal claimed that once her vlogs became popular on social media, she gained enormous fame.

Iqra Kanwal recently made an appearance on Momin Saqib’s show Had Kardi where she discussed her wealth, way of life, and pricey excursions.

Momin Saqib questioned Iqra about her wealth, saying, “Till 2023, Your net worth is around 55 Thousand to 80 Thousand Dollars, is that true?” How do you know this, Iqra questioned. Such private information is kept by Wikileaks. Iqra acknowledged that the information about her earnings and net worth was accurate and asserted that she pays taxes. She asserted that the true source of wealth is human love.

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