Social Media Celebrities Spotted At Ekra Ali’s Ghazal Night Event


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In Pakistan, digital producers have carved out their niche with their distinctive material. They have achieved enormous and long-term success as a result of their innovative material. Furthermore, these Digital Creators/Social Media Stars have established a significant community. Millions of people enjoy social media influencers such as YouTubers, Make-up Artists, TikTok users, and vloggers. Their creative group functions as a family, with members attending each other’s major occasions.

TikTokers such as Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain Sikandar, Mishi Awais, Umer Butt, and others were recently seen at the Ghazal night event hosted by innovative social media celebrities Ekra Ali and Ali Arif. The pair looked great in their stunning gray clothes. The official photography portal Photographer has uploaded stunning HD photos from the event. The wardrobe’s motif was black. Here’s the full coverage of the event:

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