Sultana Siddiqui Reveals Actors Being Greedy On Award Shows


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Sultana Siddiqui is an industry legend. She began her work at PTV as a single mother of three sons and has now grown to oversee one of Pakistan’s largest stations. She is the face of Hum TV, and her accomplishments in the sector are unparalleled. Sultana Siddiqui recently participated in the podcast DigiTales and discussed her life, hardships, and goals. She also discussed Pakistan’s awards culture and how celebrities have begun to use it just for financial gain.

We’ve witnessed an increase in apparent award manipulation, with celebs only attending shows when they win prizes or are paid to be there. Some have supported this approach, while others have criticized it. Sultana Siddiqui discussed how celebrities today act when invited to an award event and how this affects the business.

Sultana Siddiqui claimed that during the most recent Hum Style Awards, the Hum crew phoned a star to invite them and inquired whether they would be receiving a trophy; otherwise, they would not go. She stated that people respect her and would not say such things to her, but she has heard from the team. Also, celebs want money for everything, including clapping or giving an award. She stated that this will ruin the value of appreciation and, at some time, there will be no one to cheer for the others.

Here is what she said:

She also said that she accepts accolades outside of the nation to promote her culture. The first time they held their awards in Canada, they planned to spend 40 crores on the ceremony and were unsure whether they would break even, but it went really well.

This is what she shared:

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