Syed Ali Haider’s Tip For Happy Married Life Gets Public Attention


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Syed Ali Haider is a well-known Pakistani anchor and journalist. He is well-known for his discussion programs and digital content development. He formerly presented episodes for the Pakistani news station Samaa TV. Ali is also recognized for his instructional films. He has a large YouTube subscriber of 1.97 million. The anchor is married to the stunning influencer Syeda Sidra Tahir. He’s got two gorgeous daughters.

A video of the well-known YouTuber and broadcaster has recently gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, he provides followers with some helpful advice on how to have a good marriage. Talking about it, he stated, “Make your wife your baby, adopt her, and talk to her like a baby.” I know it seems cringeworthy, but we all have to do it. We should nurture our spouses like this, and you should call them by lovely nicknames like my darling, doll, baby, and sweetie. We should have conversations like this with them now and again. Similarly, ladies should pamper their husbands and call them similar names; believe me, it works beautifully. My wife frequently calls me “Mera Gudda” even though I do not resemble one.

Here is the link to the video:

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