Syed Noor Shares Why Jannat Mirza Failed as a Film Actress


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cilm to date is Choorian. Majajan, his film, also gained popularity. He introduced several Hollywood stars who dominated the film industry. Syed Noor is blissfully married to film star Saima. He was formerly married to Rukhsana Noor, who passed away several years ago. Syed Noor recently directed the film Tere Baajray Di Rakhi, starring Saima Noor and Jannat Mirza. The film failed miserably, and Jannat Mirza was unable to establish himself as a successful film actor capable of attracting audiences to the cinema.

Syed Noor recently spoke with YouTuber Ambreen Fatima about why Jannat Mirza was unable to build a name for himself in the film industry.

Talking about it, he stated, “Jannat is a very educated girl who comes from a very knowledgeable and wealthy family. She had no desire to be a film star; she knew she was a skilled Tiktoker, therefore the film’s failure did not bother her. Also, I cast her in the picture because I am on good terms with her family and like her. We did not make her wear revealing clothing or depict provocative scenes. We signed her because we wanted her supporters to come see the film, but Humayun Saeed was correct: people did not turn up. It happened because most people watch TikTok for free. Jannat had already achieved a lot of success in her life, and her followers were receiving content.

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