The Curious Case Of Bridal Outfits In Mein


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Yes, congrats to all Mein lovers; Zaid and Mubashira are now wed and ready to cause more trouble. Yes, because of her shouting episodes, Mubashira will continue to be seen as the evil character, but she was again shortchanged. Her current spouse is in love with another female after agreeing to marry Mubashira despite her ex-husband’s previous affairs with her. But despite its flaws, Mein does have one thing going for it: grandeur and extremely wealthy Pakistanis who drink Evian. However, it appears that Ayeza Khan was the only one who comprehended the task.

Ayeza Khan has improved the way she looks. The elite in this drama should at the very least appear to be Pakistani elite since it is subtly highlighting class distinctions in Pakistan. Ayeza Khan also nailed the bridal look, and she looked stunning. The Mubashira aesthetic will be chosen by many brides in the forthcoming season. She had the appearance of a business magnate’s daughter.

There is nothing wrong with not being really wealthy and dressing simply and sustainably in real life, and individuals shouldn’t be wearing these expensive outfits, but Mubashira Jaffar’s character needs to appear the part, and Ayeza Khan delivered. Cut to the other extremely wealthy family. Fans of Mein are aware that Zaid, who is not middle class himself, traveled to Dubai solely to eat at his favorite restaurant. In the same ceremony, Mubashira’s brother would wed Kashmala, Zaid’s sister.

Why is Kashmala Asif dressed in such a subpar outfit? The clothing is fine, but where are Asif Khan’s designers? Why didn’t they make his daughter a dress? Why is Asif Khan wearing a sherwani that costs more money than his daughter’s wedding gown? The location and scene that were designed did not suit Sabeena. And Sabeena has experienced this before.

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