Urwa Hussain’s expression of disappointment on the lack of kind men in the society


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Urwa Hussain has expressed her disappointment at the lack of kind and compassionate men in society and prayed for other women to have men around whom they can grow and progress.

On the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram, the actress has shared a viral clip of educationist Sahil Adeem in a story on social media. In the story shared by the actress, Sahil Adeem narrates the story of her father and famous poet Adeem Hashmi. They say that my late father never spoke loudly to my mother except once and even then he apologized to my mother in front of everyone.

Urwa Hussain gave the example of Adeem Hashmi in the caption of the Instagram story and wrote that today there is a lack of such kind and compassionate men in our society, but we wish that one day there will be an increase in such men around us.

Expressing his gratitude, he wrote that I am lucky that the kindness and compassion of all the men (father, brother, husband) who came into my life make me feel my dignity and importance.

Praying for other women, she has also written that I wish all women to be associated with similar men in life so that we also have similar stories about our father, brother, husband or son. Someone we can listen to, feel safe around, someone who respects us and in whose presence women can grow and develop.

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