Wahaj Ali Visits Punjab Child Protection Bureau


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Wahaj Ali is a superstar of the modern period in every way. Because of his diligence, he has advanced through the ranks. He gave it his all, and we saw him choose critically acclaimed plays that contributed to society. Wahaj is very skilled at providing masala for his followers. He has performed in blockbuster dramas like Fitoor and Tere Bin, and audiences adored him in both. His time as Murtasim propelled his popularity over the globe, and now he is gaining fans’ hearts as Zaid in Mein.

Many children’s days were just made when Wahaj Ali visited the Punjab Child Protection Bureau with Nadia Jamil. Nadia Jamil, another advocate for children’s rights, mentioned how focused Wahaj was. He also brought his family along, and his small daughter participated in the activities for the children just as much as her father did. Wahaj also spoke to older children, emphasizing the value of both respecting oneself and others. This is a fantastic move by Wahaj because it will inspire more celebrities to stand up for these kids and bring them as much joy as Wahaj did.

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