Wajahat Rauf’s Son Nayel Wajahat Celebrates Star-Studded Birthday


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The Wajahat family is one of a select group of showbiz families that we see almost every day at some event. All of the family members are incredibly creative, and we see them in a variety of roles. Wajahat Rauf is one of today’s top film and television filmmakers, and Shazia Wajahat is a well-known producer. People eagerly anticipate his next comedies and dramas because he has produced some excellent work.

Ashir Wajahat and Nayel Wajahat are the parents of Shazia Wajaht and Wajahat Rauf. They are both near a lot of the stars we currently have. Ashir is now a rising star in his own right because he enjoys both acting and music. Since he was a young child, he has made an impression in his acting endeavors. Although Nayel Wajahat hasn’t done any acting, we frequently see him on social media. Nayel had a celebrity-studded birthday party to honor his 18th birthday. Numerous well-known celebrities were seen wishing Nayel a happy birthday.

Watch the complete video:

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