Walked about an hour and a half for the first performance, Kafi Khalil


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Kafi Khalil, the world famous singer of Pakistan music industry, spoke openly in his interview about how he got to where he is today, how hard he worked in the early days of his career.

While giving an interview to a channel on the video sharing platform YouTube, Kafi Khalil talked about the struggles he faced in the early days of his career and said that he is so passionate about music that music is his covering. He bought his first second-hand guitar for Rs 1500 from his earnings.

Kefi used to travel from Lyari to Zamzama’s school in search of learning guitar from the famous guitarist Aamir Zaki of yesteryear as there was free guitar lessons for those who were interested in music.

They said that the ‘Mad’ school bus used to pick them up to Khara Dar, as they had no money for rent, they used to walk from Lyari to Khara Dar and then the van would take them to school.

However, once due to a misunderstanding, the van was missed, which he informed the school children, who told them that it was very important for Kefi to reach the school as he had been selected for a performance and had to perform on behalf of the school. , so it is important to reach their school.

He said that it was a Sunday and all his friends were out for a walk and due to lack of rent money, he reached Zam Zama from Kharadar on foot, which took him about an hour and a half.

Talking about his desire, he said that I wish to hold a concert in Lyari someday, sit among my people and just keep playing the guitar and people keep listening.

He said that he wants his fans to like him performing with his band as much as they do during solo performances.

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