Was Hareem Shah Involved In Money Laundering


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Hareem Shah is a well-known TikTok star from Pakistan. She is recognized for her outspoken and direct demeanor. She is often in the headlines due to her scandals and controversies. She made headlines last year after her money-laundering incident went viral on social media. Following her money laundering controversy, the Tiktok celebrity was also chastised in her videos. She stated in the video that she was transporting a large amount of goods from Pakistan to the UK for the first time. Her money video went viral on social media, but she was also chastised.

Hareem Shah recently appeared on Ahmed Ali Butt’s program. During the show, Ahmed Ali Butt inquired about the motivation behind Hareem Shah’s popular video with money. “Well, I want to reveal one thing money laundering is quite a common thing, especially in Pakistan, it is usually done through famous people who can easily move around because nobody can doubt them, they can carry huge amounts from one place to another,” Hareem Shah said in response to the question. Perhaps this practice has now been discontinued, but it existed.” Hareem Shah revealed that she was involved in money laundering. She went on to say, “I did it, I know it was the wrong thing but I got indulged in it”.

Here’s a link to the video:

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