Why Anzela Abbasi Left Acting


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Anzela Abbasi is an artist from a highly skilled family. Her family has spent three generations working in Pakistan’s media business. Her father, Shamoon Abbasi, and mother, Javeria Abbasi, are celebrities, and her aunt, Anoushay Abbasi, is also a well-known actress. Anzela dabbled in acting, like did her family, for a few projects before focusing on modeling.

Angela hasn’t acted in years and has been gone from television screens. She is now ready to begin a music career. She mentioned in an interview that she has always wanted to be a musician, and she is now doing what she enjoys most artistically. She also explained why she abandoned dramas and performing.

According to Anzela, our dramas include the same saas-bahu sagas, with which she disagrees, prompting her to leave performing. She stated that when working in plays, people tend to think of you as a particular kind, simple person, which she is not in real life.

Here’s why Anzela made this decision.

She also discussed her image, since many believe her to be daring. She stated that she is not seeking to change any conventions, but rather that people are unfamiliar with who she is. She is simply different, which does not imply that she is a horrible person. Her uniqueness might be difficult for people to grasp at times, which she has come to accept.

Here’s what she said:

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