Why did Rubina Ashraf criticize Alize Shah?

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Senior actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Rubina Ashraf says that Alize Shah is absolutely zero for me.

Rubina Ashraf participated in a private TV show with her co-stars Atiqa Odhu and Nadia Jameel.

When the host of the show asked the three actresses to give their marks on Alize Shah’s play ‘Chand Raat Aur Chandni’, Atiqa Odhu and Nadia Jameel gave Alize 7 marks while Rubina Ashraf gave zero marks.

He said that Alize Shah is absolutely zero for me.

Explaining his position, he said, “Alizeh is seen with lipstick and curly hair in every drama, even if there is a scene of Sehri in the drama, she does not take off her make-up.”

He further said that if I cast Alizeh in one of my dramas, I will show her without makeup in at least one scene.

Rubina Ashraf criticized Alizeh Shah’s acting and said that the same make-up has been done in Sahri, which was done as a bride, so the era of such unwise acting has ended long ago.

The actress’s comment about Aliza Shah was opposed by the host, which led to an altercation between the host and Rubina Ashraf, after which the co-stars tried to end the altercation, but both the host and the actress stood their ground. But persisted.

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