Why does Sonia Hussain not want to marry an actor?


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Well-known actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry Sonia Hussain says that she does not want to marry any actor.

Sonia Hussain recently appeared as a guest on a private TV show where she also explained the reason why she did not marry again after her first marriage failed.

The host of the show, Nadia Khan, asked the actress, “How long do you intend to get married?”

Answering this question, Sonia Hussain said that no, she has no intention of getting married right now.

Hearing this answer of the actress, Nadia Khan said that you are so beautiful and such a successful actress that it is difficult to believe that you are not planning to get married yet.

On which Sonia Hussain said that all the people who meet me say that now you have completed your studies, you have built a career and a home, so now you should get married.

“I think I don’t belong to the generation that lacks basic morals because the kind of family I belong to, basic morals like how to treat women are very important in our house,” he said. And to treat adults politely.

The actress said that in my view these basic morals are very important and nothing else inspires me.

She said that I can’t marry an actor at all because actors are too self-absorbed about how my skin looks and how my hair looks.

Sonia Hussain further explained her point and said that I think that if both the husband and wife remain engrossed in themselves like this, then no one will be able to pay attention to each other and then there will be a lot of problems in the relationship.

Here is the link to the video watch here:

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