Why Noor Ul Hassan Started Playing Father Roles In Dramas


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Noor ul Hassan is one of the most popular fathers on Pakistani television. From Ishq Murshid to Khaie, he is a loving father who always manages to do the right thing for his star-studded children. He is a presenter and actor in real life and his demeanor, the way he acts so naturally, and his willingness to express his thoughts endears him to many people.

In an interview, he was questioned why he began portraying parent figures when many of his peers continued to play heroes. He stated that he prefers to remain natural and does not believe strongly in dying one’s hair, obtaining synthetic hair, or changing one’s look. He enjoys playing characters that he can portray with his natural appearance, therefore he began taking on these roles.

Here is what he had to say:

He also talked about how important Khair is to him. He stated that the drama interrupted the monotony and ended up being Khalid Butt Sahab’s greatest effort. He stated that Khaie has shown the world that we can create programs on par with Netflix and are not behind anyone in terms of inventiveness.

This is what he said:

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