Why Reham Khan Nearly Walked Out Of Hafiz Ahmed Podcast


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Hafiz Ahmed is an e-commerce specialist and podcast broadcaster who has swiftly gained prominence. His podcasts are viewed by hundreds of people, and many celebrities have joined him since he is not overly invasive with his inquiries and makes his guests feel at ease. Reham Khan, a journalist and producer, also joined him on the show, and this is what occurred.

In an interview, Hafiz Ahmed said that Reham Khan arrived as a guest, accompanied by her husband Mirza Bilal. He also mentioned that he joked with Reham, and she stated she may leave the podcast. The entire situation was lighthearted, and he subsequently had a terrific time interviewing her.

He claimed that he asked Reham’s husband that because he is young and moves between the United States and Pakistan, and he has married a lady who is older than him, he should marry again so that he may have two wives in each country. To this, Reham said that she may completely walk out of the interview. The whole thing quickly became a joke, and the interview took place.

Here is what went down:

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