Why Tabish Hashmi’s Family Left India & Settled in Pakistan


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Tabish Hashmi, a brilliant Pakistani stand-up comedian and host, rose to prominence through Nashpati Prime’s YouTube show To Be Honest, which went viral and paved the way for him to enter television. He quickly landed on Har Pal Geo’s satire show Hansna Mana Hai, which is currently in its third season. However, Tabish Hashmi is frequently chastised for his inappropriate adult jokes, and his hilarious short clips frequently go viral on social media.

Tabish Hashmi recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s show, where he disclosed that his parents were Indians who left the country in 1984. He also shared information about his father and mother.

Tabish Hashmi explained, “My father moved to Pakistan in 1984. He was well-established in India and doing well at work, but his brothers were settled in Pakistan and encouraged him to relocate there. My grandma was sick when she asked my father to ultimately relocate to Pakistan. Tabish father moved to Pakistan; his sacrifice was minimal; he simply quit his work; the true sacrifice was made by my mother, who abandoned her entire family because my father’s family was already in Pakistan. My elder sisters were born in India, but I was born in Pakistan.

When asked how his father obtained Pakistani nationality, he stated that “at that time, it was easy to settle in Pakistan after showing investment in the form of dollars or money, and my father had the money, so we got the nationality”.

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