Why YouTuber Asad Stopped Showing His Wife


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Famous Pakistani YouTubers Nimra and Asad made waves in 2020 for marrying at such a young age. Their wedding photos swept the internet by storm. Fans adored the husband and bride, both of whom appeared quite young. The duo also began YouTube vlogging, which was well-received by millions of admirers. Asad recently released a video on social media informing his fans that he will no longer be filming family-related stuff.

Speaking about it, Asad stated, “Many people have asked me why I have not posted family stuff. They questioned why I didn’t show my wife on social media. I want to inform you that I made the choice to stop posting family stuff immediately. We are continually chasing money and worldly interests. We never ponder about Allah and Islamic beliefs. I read about people who cannot be forgiven: those who disrespect their parents, those who dress up as the opposite gender, and those who expose their spouses to the world. After reading that, I immediately made up my mind to quit posting family stuff. Yes, I will do vlogging; you will see me and Azlan, and I will upload wonderful stuff but not show other members of the family.” Here’s a link to the video:

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