Will Iqrar Ul Hassan Go For Fourth Marriage


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Iqrar Ul Hassan is a well-known Pakistani journalist and television anchor. He is well-known for his investigative reporting on ARY News’s Sar-e-Aam show. He became famous as a bold field and investigative reporter. Iqrar Ul Hassan has made headlines due to his repeated marriages. He is now married to Quran Ul Ain Iqrar, Farah Yousaf, and Aroosa Khan.

Recently, the presenter featured on Ahmed Fozan’s program, where he discussed his previous marriages. He also responded to the query about the fourth marriage.

Speaking on his weddings, Iqrar Ul Hassan stated, “I am not frightened of commitments; I did not marry anybody by force. I didn’t choose to have several marriages. I wasn’t a fan of many marriages, since some claim he married three women because he was a pleasure-seeker; this is not the case. There are other options available without marriage, and those options appear to be preferable to marriage, which appears to be a duty. I’m not sure why I married these ladies; sometimes you love someone, and sometimes they love you. “I didn’t plan it, but it happened.”

To Ahmed Fozan’s query, “Will you have an unplanned fourth marriage (like your previous marriages)?” Iqrar Ul Hassan said, “I can’t say anything about it; only Allah knows.”

Here’s a link to the video:

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