Yasir Shami Calls Out Fahad Mustafa For His Hypocrisy


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Yasir Shami is a great Pakistani journalist and presenter who is recognized for his daring and humorous reporting. He works for Daily Pakistan’s YouTube channel. The channel has almost 3 million subscribers, and Yasir Shami is a vital component of it. Yasir also posted a video in which he criticized Fahad Mustafa and others for their hypocrisy.

Today, he posted a video called “Fahad Mustafa Rishtay Karwane Wali Mai Kay Naam Pegham”. In the video, he called out Pakistani broadcaster and actor Fahad Mustafa’s hypocrisy in criticizing others for selling families. Yasir Shami also displayed a video of Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik making out in Jeeto, Pakistan.

Yasir Shami stated, This is Fahad Mustafa, the biggest hypocrite and diplomat. He speaks on television about others and accuses social media celebrities of selling their families. Naeem Hanif, Samaa TV’s bureau chief, has already revealed Shoaib and Sana’s three-year-old romance, which began on his show. Fahad Mustafa himself has played the role of a matchmaker in this scenario. He has made it possible to sign Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik as co-hosts; why didn’t he sign Umair Jaswal with Sana Javed in the show?

It was all pre-planned, and they are responsible for fixing their match because, during the Jeeto Pakistan period, Sana Javed participated in Umair Jaswal’s Nikah, and Shoaib Malik was married to Sania Mirza; how can he criticize others when he promotes extramarital affairs? I’ve seen numerous celebrities calling out individuals; why haven’t they called out hypocrites like Fahad Mustafa just because they’ll be attending his performance and earning a few bucks? Fahad Mustafa says he doesn’t sell his family, why would he sell his family when he is selling others on his program, he is always yelling in the performance, ‘Come three girls, come two females from the audience, I need girls, etc’. Here’s a link to the video:

Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik:

Celebrities Reaction On Shoaib Malik And Sana Javed Marriage:

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