Zafar Abbas On Why People Leaving Pakistan


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Zafar Abbas is a well-known philanthropist from Pakistan. He is the JDC Foundation’s proprietor. One of Pakistan’s largest welfare groups is JDC (Jaferiya Disaster Management Cell Welfare). In 2009, Syed Zafar Abbas Jafri, a resident of Karachi, founded JDC alongside other like-minded young people in the city. JDC organizes the largest Dastarkhuwans and distributes Zakat more widely during Ramadan. In addition, JDC arranges for people in need to receive free therapies. JDC has now started to open schools for children. JDC has also opened a mortuary of its own.

Zafar Abbas recently made an appearance on Nadir Ali’s podcast, where he discussed Pakistani young who leave their country to pursue employment opportunities.

Speaking about it, he stated, “The reason young people leave Pakistan is joblessness. What we see or hear is that people living abroad earn way more money than in Pakistan. They work at gas stations or cleaning restrooms for eight to ten hours a day, earning eighteen or twenty-five thousand Pakistani rupees. In Pakistan, a young person earns fifty thousand per month. There are no jobs in Pakistan. Today, a youngster is disappointed with the system, all he does is drop CVs.

Zafar Abbas added that young Pakistanis ought to launch side ventures rather than apply for jobs. He advised them to create modest, simple load stores because, as he put it, “at least it will be giving them a daily amount.” This is the video’s link:

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