Zara Noor Abbas Cried In Reality In Standup Girl


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Zara Noor Abbas is a stunning actress who has recently gained popularity as Zara from Standup Girl. Zara Noor Abbas is having a wonderful time right now since her play is receiving critical praise, and she is expecting her second child after sadly losing her son the first time. She spoke on BBC Urdu and discussed Standup Girl and her experience with the crew.

She admitted that she wanted to look nice in the play at first, but Kashif Nisar convinced her that her work would speak for itself and that no lighting or appearance was needed while working. That is when she dedicated her entire emphasis to her profession, and she has been able to shine in every scene.

Here’s what she shared:

She stated that her favorite character from Standup Girl is Raju since he is not even a family member and yet he appears everywhere. She described Saqib Sameer as amazing, taking up the screen at every moment. Raju has been her favorite due to the manner he performed and his sense of humor.

Here’s what she shared:

She also revealed that she and her mother sobbed throughout the dying scene since her mother is a true cancer survivor and that they were immersed in the spirit. Everyone on the team agreed that this was the greatest sequence in the drama.

Here’s the scene:

Here is what Zara shared:

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