2 people who tried to enter Shah Rukh Khan’s house were arrested


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The police have arrested 2 people who tried to enter the house of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan.

According to the Indian media, 2 people tried to enter inside by jumping over the outer wall of ‘Mant House’, who were caught by the actor’s security guards and handed over to the Bandra police.

The report also mentions that the incident took place around 4 am and the actor was not at home at that time and fell asleep immediately after returning home late, after which the security guards of the house hid the two accused in the premises. caught

After arresting the two persons, the police have registered a case against them under various provisions.

According to the Bandra Police, both the arrested men hail from Gujarat and wanted to meet Shah Rukh Khan.

The police said that the investigation of the incident is still going on and in this regard, the families of the accused and the Gujarat police have also been contacted.

However, nothing can be said with certainty about the motives of the accused behind the incident at present.

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