Video of Ishna Shah playing golf at Walima ceremony goes viral


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Pakistani actress Ushna Shah and well-known golfer Hamza Amin celebrated their wedding yesterday, and the video of Ishna Shah playing golf during the ceremony has gone viral.

Yesterday Ishna Shah’s Walima ceremony was held in Islamabad, in a video,

it can be seen that Hamza Amin is teaching his wife Ishna Shah to play golf, after which Ishna Shah hit the golf ball and expresses happiness.

In addition, Hamza Amin shared a picture on his Instagram story in which he is playing golf but captioned it as preparing for the wedding.

He shared a picture of Ishna Shah on another Instagram story in which he wrote, “My beautiful wife is ready for the wedding.”

Aishna is also wearing a white saree and jewelry and is posing for the picture with a beautiful smile.

It should be noted that Ishna Shah got married a few days ago her pictures and videos went viral on social media.

However, Ishna faced severe criticism from social media users for the wedding couple, Ishna even danced with her husband during the wedding ceremony, and later she criticized the photographers for releasing videos of the ceremony. but after the actress shared an Insta story and apologized and temporarily withdrew from social media.

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