A Pakistani bride was featured in a viral video wearing 70 kilograms of gold.

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The lavish and extravagant wedding events become the talk of the town in any country or place. The bride’s most recent wedding in Dubai was weighed daily in gold by a Pakistani businessman with an office in the UAE. The wedding video has gone viral on social media. According to reports, the father, a Pakistani native, provided his daughter’s marriage dowry in the shape of gold bricks. He is said to operate a firm in Dubai. He is a Pakistani national.

The video made people angry, who was furious. Social media users noted that instead of displaying this gold as a display of luxury, it would be preferable if it were donated as sadqa. Many readers recommended sending the gold to nations with earthquake survivors, such as Syria and Turkey. They suggested giving it to the less fortunate. Many people said it comes out as phony.

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