Abrar ul Haq Apologizes & Shares his Regrets


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Abrar Ul Haq is a well-known Pakistani Bhangra and pop singer who has enjoyed popularity since 1995. He made his breakthrough with the renowned Punjabi Bhangra song Billo and has never looked back. Abrar Ul Haq was a Pakistani politician and a PTI member. He is a committed humanitarian and social worker. Abrar Ul Haq is happily married with a lovely family.

He recently starred on Wasi Shah’s show Zabaradast, which airs on Neo TV. In the show, Abrar Ul Haq discussed his hopes, guilt, and unmet desires for his parents. He also apologized for his improper behavior against a select individuals.

When asked about his regrets, he stated that he had none in life, although he wishes he had spent more time with his parents. He also stated that he intends to display his recent major accomplishments to his parents.

Talking about guilt, he added, “Once, when driving my new vehicle, I was struck by a Suzuki. I yelled at the person who hit my car, ‘Are you blind?’ and as I looked towards him, I noticed that he had squint eyes, so if he was watching, I wanted to apologize to him. He also stated, ‘When my father asked me to help someone with money, the poor man required a large sum to build his rooftop, so I provided half of the amount while praying to Allah for the success of my new songs.

It was at this point that I realized Allah had given me a lot and I was still begging for more, and I was unwilling to give money to the poor guy; Allah gave me without evaluating me, and I evaluated that person based on merit. I discussed this with my father, who remarked, “That is why I tell you to be generous.” So, I learned a lot from my father.

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