Actor Asad Malik Gives Valuable Fitness Tips


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Asad Malik is a great Pakistani television and film actor who has worked in the media sector for over three decades. He began his entertainment career at a very young age. Asad has appeared in popular dramas like as Dasht, Aansoo, Mario, Kaneez, Dil Lagi, Annie Ki Ayegi Barat, Ali Ki Ammi, Buri Aurat, Jane Anjane, Niqab, Dusra Aasman, and more. He also starred in the movie Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal. Asad Malik is single. Asad Malik took a six-year sabbatical to get his Ph.D. degree. He enjoys spending time with his close friends and family members.

He recently participated in an interview on Hum News. In the interview, he discussed his fitness and Ramadan regimen. He also shared some useful workout ideas.

Speaking about it, the seasoned actor stated, “Fasting has always been a simple task for me.” I never found it difficult; yet, I see many healthy individuals find fasting a difficult habit to follow, but they finally get used to it after a few days, and some never get used to it, maybe because they don’t want to.” In terms of fitness, he stated that he practices a few things, including healthy eating patterns, saying, “One should have a good eating pattern; you should eat in such a manner that your food benefits you; sometimes you consume great food but it does not help you because of your terrible eating habits.

Here is the link to the video:

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