Agha Shiraz Shares Details Of His Psychic Powers


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Agha Shiraz is a well-known and accomplished Pakistani television actor who has been in a number of notable PTV programs. His most renowned plays include Dugdugi, Jaane Anjane, Munna Electrician, Tum Ajnabi Ho, and others. He has participated in several episodes of the popular drama series Bulbulay. Agha Shiraz is also known for his magic feats and superhuman abilities. Recently, he has begun giving motivational speeches on numerous digital media channels, including YouTube. The actor frequently creates awareness videos for his followers. He has made a reappearance on television with a few dramas broadcast on AUR TV. Agha Shiraz is now directing a web series for digital media.

Agha Shiraz was recently featured on The Salt Range Podcast, presented by Rushna. In the podcast, he discussed the extraordinary insight with which he has been endowed.

When asked about his psychic abilities and supernatural qualities, Agha Shiraz stated, “There are several types of knowledge in the world; some know Ilm e Jaffar, others know Ilm Ul Aidad, some understand Ilm e Najoom, and I have Ilm e Chatham. I do everything with my eyes; it takes a lot of effort and hard work. I also made one with Faysal Quraishi, who is well-known on YouTube. Agha didn’t learn it from anyone; it’s natural in me; you receive discoveries and start feeling about your own characteristics.

I became aware of my ilm as a youngster. In my dreams, I would obtain answers to all of my loved ones’ questions. I have responded to people’s concerns several times. Two of my main findings proved to be accurate, prompting me to expand my understanding. I became fairly popular in my family, but I forgot about my Ilm and took it for granted until 2019 when I began receiving symptoms again.”

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