Why Juggan Kazim Kissed ASP Sheherbano’s Hands


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Juggan Kazim is a host and actress with several years of experience. She has previously worked in drama and movies before transitioning to hosting. Juggan is also a highly successful morning show host, and she received a government award this year for her hosting. Juggan was a guest on Ramiz Raja’s show, and she just responded to her own viral photo with ASP Sheherbano.

ASP Sheherbano is an officer who recently went viral and was interviewed on various shows. She also appeared on PTV’s morning show, which is hosted by Juggan Kazim. Juggan greeted her like any good host would, and in her emotions, she kissed the officer’s hands for her bravery. The photos went viral on social media, and everyone believed Juggan overdid it.

In Ramiz Raja’s broadcast, Juggan explained why she kissed the ASP’s hands. She stated that the ASP is just 24 or 25 years old. Her stepdaughter is 26 years old. Juggan stated that she always greets daughters with love, embraces, and kisses them, therefore she did what she did. She also stated that she will kiss the hands of any girl who has demonstrated such bravery against older men.

Here is Juggan’s reason:

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