Ahsan Khan’s Sons Reveal Cute Bond With Their Father


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Ahsan Khan, one of the country’s top performers, is also a family guy. He is a nice son and father of four lovely children, and he has always shown gratitude and affection for his wife, Fatima Khan. Ahsan Khan was a guest on Shan e Suhoor, and he brought his boys for their first interview. Muhammad Akbar Khan and Muhammad Shahzad Khan were with their father, and they made some adorable admissions.

Ahsan explained that they both believed their elder sister is Ahsan’s favorite kid, and they both agreed on this. The oldest daughter is now a teenager, and she is also close to her father as a friend, so these two rabble-rousers believe Ahsan is showing favoritism and prefers the daughter.

Here is what was revealed:

Akbar and Shahzain also mentioned that their school classmates are aware that their father is Ahsan Khan and have occasionally requested for his autograph, which they are proud of, and they have provided their friends with autographs.

Check out the cute story:

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