Ainy Jaffri’s Thoughts On Leaving Career At Her Peak


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Ainy Jaffri began her career at an early age and was able to gain an audience quickly with productions such as Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Aseerzadi. The actress then opted to marry at the zenith of her career and relocated to the United Kingdom, where she lives with her spouse. She has a son and is making a comeback by taking on various ventures.

ainy jaffri

Ainy is back in Pakistan and was a guest on the FHM Podcast, where she discussed how, unlike males, women cannot have everything at once. Yes, they can eventually have it all, but they must choose between family and a profession. They will need to take things one at a time.

Here’s what Ainy said:

She claimed that she knew she would be relocating to the UK after marrying and had discussed this with her spouse Faris. However, after settling in, she felt a sense of emptiness because she was not working as much as she formerly did. She would occasionally become irritated and tell her spouse about how she had to leave her job. Her spouse would handle things as best he could. So, yeah, frustration may set in, and Ainy handled this.

ainy jaffri

Here is what she stated:

Ainy also discussed how parenthood influenced her. She discussed baby blues and how hormonal changes impact all women. She stated that things have improved since people now realize how a woman’s life changes after becoming a mother. She stated that putting your child first is a big life transition that every mother must do, and she experienced this as well.

Here’s what she shared:

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