Ali Abbas Wants Social Media Restrictions In Pakistan


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Ali Abbas comes from a very talented family. He is the son of Waseem Abbas and the grandson of Inayat Hussain Bhatti, but the star had to forge his own path in the industry and is now a well-established actor. Ali Abbas has played a variety of characters and is also the father of two gorgeous children.

Social media is currently a huge global phenomena. Young people utilize it in a variety of ways, and it has had a significant impact on global economy, politics, and social evolution. There is also a great deal of disagreement about social media rules. Pakistan is likewise experiencing significant regulatory changes, with the government banning Twitter and X and discussions about a firewall beginning.

Ali was a guest on FHM and expressed the necessity for social media restrictions. He proposed imposing and monitoring an 18-year-old age limit, as well as requiring evidence of identity in the form of an ID card or passport before opening an account. He went on to say that the younger generation is losing their way and becoming negative, and the content they create is likewise improper to view.

This is what Ali Abbas had to say about social media:

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