Ali Gul Mallah On Bhallay And Love For Bilal Abbas Khan


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Ishq Murshid is a drama that is capturing hearts everywhere. All of the characters in the play are performing well, but Ali Gul Mallah as Fazal Bakhsh has stood out. The actor has achieved international renown and is everyone’s favorite in Ishq Murshid. He is a well-known actor and comedian in the Sindhi belt, but via Fazal Bakhsh alias Bhallay, he has gained national and worldwide recognition.

He told the BBC what Ballay genuinely meant. He stated that Bhallay means Alright or Okay in Sindhi, which is what Fazal Bakhsh constantly says about everything in life.

Ali Gul Mallah

This is what Ali disclosed.

He also spoke candidly about his relationship with Bilal Abbas Khan. Ali stated that Bilal is a major celebrity who is bashful in person but offers room to his co-stars. He also said that Bilal adored him and that he had gained Ali’s affection and adoration. He said that he became renowned because he worked with a big celebrity like Bilal Abbas Khan.

Ali Gul Mallah

Here is what he shared:

Ali Gul Mallah also recounted a funny anecdote from the set when a fan arrived and took photographs with him usually, but when she saw Bilal Abbas Khan, she began shaking and was quite amazed by how amazing Bilal looked.

Hear Ali’s story:

Ali Gul Mallah

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