Omair Rana Was Offered Two Roles In Ishq Murshid


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Omair Rana is a talented Pakistani television actor noted for his exceptional performance. He also has a strong theatrical background. Omair was also a theatrical actor and director, but he rose to prominence on television with plays like as ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay,’ ‘Zan Mureed,’ ‘Dil Na Umeed to Nahi,’ ‘Sange Mar Mar,’ ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay,’ and ‘Sang E Mah’. His flawless performances in all of his television shows helped him gain substantial popularity. He recently captivated fans with his portrayal in Hum TV’s popular drama serial ‘Ishq Murshid’. Fans adore his role in the drama.

Recently, he appeared on Hum News’ morning broadcast, where he discussed picking Ishq Murshid’s screenplay. He stated that he chose the drama for a variety of reasons, including the team, rather than because it included a politician.

Speaking about it, he stated, “Playing the role of a politician wasn’t the selling factor for me; I was in for Farooq Rind’s directing, and Bilal Abbas was also in the cast; he is fantastic. Surprisingly, I was offered another opportunity to play with Ishq Murshid, but I declined. I preferred this one. Of course, I could be Shibra’s father, but I chose this role since it offered more opportunities for me to enjoy. I also did not want to portray the role of a cheerful, honest, and kind man. Our difficulty is that we regard the negative characteristics as completely black. We don’t want to see anything positive in that nasty guy; folks don’t want to know why he became that way.”

Here is a link to the video.

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