Aliza Sultan Issues Legal Notice to Feroze Khan Demanding an Apology


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Syeda Aliza Sultan has served Feroze Khan with a legal notice. Syeda Aliza Sultan addressed all of Feroze Khan’s allegations and claims in the notice. Feroze Khan informed Syeda Aliza through a letter dated January 16 that the accusations against Aliza had hurt her reputation and career. He also disclosed private information on social media.

Syeda Aliza demanded an apology from Feroze Khan in her response. Syeda Aliza Sultan’s counsel responded to Feroze Khan’s claims that Syeda Aliza’s writing diminished his reputation by saying, “It was Syeda Aliza Sultan’s right to write anything she wants as she keeps the freedom to express her opinions as a free citizen.” Aliza’s attorney added that the court is in possession of all relevant records and that all allegations of domestic abuse are accurate. The assertion made by Syeda Aliza that Feroze Khan was to blame for her accusations was also denied by Aliza’s attorney. No one is allowed to post personally identifiable information on social media, according to the court reporter. After the information was revealed, Syeda Aliza sought an apology because the anguish she had experienced was great.

In response to a comment that claimed she was unlucky since she divorced a kind person and her future was now in danger, Syeda Aliza Sultan wrote in another post, “My present and future are really good.

Aliza Sultan

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