TikToker Jannat Mirza accused her fiance Umarbut of infidelity


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Jannat Mirza, the most followed TikToker in Pakistan, has parted ways accusing her fiance Umar Butt of infidelity.

TikToker Jannat Mirza and Umar Butt, who has millions of Instagram followers, are seen together in several videos, a few months ago there were reports of the two gettings engaged in August 2022.

Jannat Mirza had said that ‘the talk of their relationship has been finalized while the marriage will be announced later’.

However, Omar Butt wrote on Instagram yesterday that you all should know that Jannat and I are no longer together, it is a joint decision of both of us.

He requested his followers to respect his privacy and give him some space, to the rest of whoever is better may Allah make him successful.

After Umar Butt’s announcement, Jannat Mirza also shared a story on Instagram in which she accused her ex-fiancé of infidelity.

In the note, Jannat Mirza wrote without mentioning Umar Butt’s name that I thought we would carry forward the promises we had made, but the change in his mood, instead of paying attention to the woman of his house, to another woman. Mind you, I was ignoring everything.

Jannat Mirza wrote that he would never lie or cheat, I had stopped believing in him, I am sorry I didn’t pay attention to my sixth sense but I won’t hurt my feelings again. , don’t ignore all the things that are bothering you.

It should be noted that last year, the news came out that Jannat Mirza got engaged to Umar Butt on Tik Tok and they are going to get married soon.

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