The photos of the bold outfit were leaked by a close friend, Maria Vasti


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Former popular actress and TV host Maria Wasti has revealed that her bold outfit photos that went viral on the internet in the past were leaked by one of her friends.

In the past, bold pictures of Maria Wasti with her friend on a foreign beach went viral, for which she was also criticized.

Recently, Maria Wasti participated in the ‘Nader Ali Podcast‘, where she spoke candidly about her photos being leaked, among other issues.

The actress also spoke openly about feminism and said that every person should have their own will on their body, no one else has any right to anyone else’s body.

He said that feminism transcends gender and speaks to all victims, be they, women or men.

The actress also spoke openly about the Pakistani and Indian showbiz industry in the podcast and said that work is respected in India, there is hard work and work more than personalities.

According to Maria Wasti, there are more opportunities to work in India, and while there is no competition between Pakistan and India, both are not at the same level.

The actress said that Pakistanis do not learn from their mistakes and do not try to improve themselves, we need to improve ourselves.

In response to a question, Maria Wasti said that every industry, including showbiz, will be better for girls or boys, as much as they themselves are better, industries are not bad, but it depends on people.

Maria Vasti

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