Ameer Gilani’s Soft And Gentle Attitude Wins Over Fans


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Actor Ameer Gilani is committed to the principle of quality over quantity. He chooses his projects with the goal of bringing about change and positively influencing others, and he is now accomplishing this with Neem. People started falling in love with him after his final sighting in Sabaat. His portrayal of Ashhad in Neem is winning hearts once more, and his fans are in for a treat because he recently conducted a thorough interview with Fuchsia Magazine

Ameer acknowledged that he is a devout individual. He has spent his entire life hearing Propht tales from his elders, and he disbelieves in rivalry. He prays five times a day and has the assurance that Allah will take care of everything

He added that he constantly hopes to make his family proud of him. He wants the public to know that his parents and sister are his family and to watch his drama when it airs. He values his family deeply and considers them when performing his job

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