Tiktoker Sehar Hayat’s Gorgeous Mehndi Pictures


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Cute Pakistani actor and social media influencer Sehar Hayat. Blogger, TikToker, and well-known fashion and beauty enthusiast Sehar. She has a sizable following on TikTok and Instagram. 2.2 million Instagram users follow Sehar. After her virally controversial encounter with Kashees at his salon, Sehar made headlines. Tiktoker Sehar went to Kashees Salon for a photo shoot and later claimed that Kashees and the staff had mistreated her.

Sami Rasheed and Seher Hayat celebrated their Nikah in December 2022, and it was a lavish occasion. Numerous post-Nikah picture shoots were conducted by Sehar and Sami Rasheed. Many of their followers were perplexed by the couple’s December wedding, which was actually only their Nikah ceremony. The two influences are now prepared to wed. Sehar Hayat’s Mehndi event is taking place right now. She is dressed in a stunning Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Lehnga with rust embellishments. Here, we’ve gathered a few stunning images from her Mehndi. Check out the photos

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