Anumta Qureshi Celebrates Son’s First Birthday


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Anumta Quresh is a model, influencer, actor, and young mother. People adore her for her talent, her honesty while discussing various subjects, and the fact that she is always in touch with her followers. She was a part of Suno Chanda, one of the biggest successes in the theatrical world, and she has advanced significantly since then. She is a mother to one kid, Cyrus, and she is wed to Sarang Kazi. She frequently discusses personal family moments with her followers. And most recently she displayed vulnerability by speaking out about how her in-laws were abusing her while her husband stood by her.

Anumta Qureshi experienced a significant turning point in her life when her son turned one and she celebrated by hosting a lovely party to make the occasion memorable for him. She sliced the cake with her child while wearing a vivid blue outfit. Here are a few images from the celebration:

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